A Look Inside the Latest Issue of Covey Rise: Volume 10, Number 3


Simplicity is often overlooked and undervalued. We tend to mistake the “grand” mo-ments in life as the ones we must strive for—the ones that will be most fulfilling or the most rewarding. But perhaps life’s best moments are found in the in-between—the moments in the waiting for things yet to come. It is the stillness found in moments some might call the mundane.

Covey Rise seeks out these treasured moments. We revel in the glory of the experience of the hunt and process that truly define a successful day afield. It is the loud thump of your own heartbeat amidst the anticipation of a covey rising from the shadows. It is the daily walk to that same spot each morning as the sun’s warm rays begin to stretch across the horizon. It is the thrill of the dogs rattling in their cages as they eagerly await the chase. It is the hands that labored to create a most cherished gun and the time spent between bird dog and owner that forges the bond of a lifetime.