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“Our heritage spans over five decades. We are consistently refining our ability to communicate quality with our English Springer Spaniels, priding ourselves on the attention, education, and personal detail given to every client, employee and our community. We take responsibility for the quality of the hunting world, not only for today, but for tomorrow.

A Legacy of Excellence

Pine Shadows believes that there are few relationships in life more important than the ones we share with our dogs. Mark and Sophie Haglin’s passion and singular focus has produced a breeding and training program second to none. Without the goal of just selling a dog, they set forth with the purpose of creating superior companion that will enhance your life. Incorporating animal husbandry, genetics and psychology of different breeds and species, they have developed an unmatched protocol of fostering both a well balanced mind and driven hunting specialist. 

English Springer Spaniels

The best quality gun dogs for field and home

We cannot over emphasize the importance of understanding family and home life dynamics in order to place the right dog with the right family. Pine Shadows doesn’t provide merely a competition or hunting partner but a new member of your family. When you are selected and matched with a Pine Shadows dog or puppy, all of these factors are considered. Through structured play and observation of milestones and socialization, we have mastered the art of uniting dogs with their ideal human pack. 


Pine Shadows Daybreak

Our signature Dakota hunting estate

At Pine Shadows Daybreak you can be transported to another place and time. As the site of the southern most location of the Hudson Bay trading post, Daybreak is filled with history and charm. Nestled in the Elm River valley, our 7,000 acres of hunting grounds are right in the heart of Brown County, South Dakota. Exhale and unwind, knowing you have arrived. Each hunt is a unique opportunity, tailored to you.  


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