The Pine Shadows Imprinting Program Creates a Close Connection with our Bird Dogs


Nothing on this earth brings smiles to our faces more than a picture of a puppy. Admit it. This fact is undeniable. Small furry bodies warmly fit easily in two hands when held. Eager eyes twinkle with love and wonder and loyalty when looking back at you. Energy exudes as they clumsily run across the grassy yard. A puddle of a pup melts in your lap after a long day of play. A bond between bird dog and owner seems intimate and eternal, hopefully, if all goes well. Nothing shows the potential of the uplands more than a picture of a puppy.

When you finally make that fateful decision to bring a puppy home, everyone wants the pick of the litter. Legend has it that you must choose the quiet one that waits hesitantly in the background. For sure, they’ll remain calm and biddable throughout future years. Others say you need to pick the bold and hard-charging leader of the pack. For sure, they’ll be aggressive and push the boundaries to find you more birds. But puppies are like our children—they are all different and have minds of their own. And picking a puppy is like gambling—you just never know how your hand might play out. If you do your due diligence and find a well-bred litter with good bloodlines, the rest is up to you.