Springer Spaniel


Kodiak, an energetic 3-year-old springer spaniel, was the perfect pick to accompany Mark Haglin and his three sons on a pheasant hunt in South Dakota. The owner of Pine Shadows, an award-winning hunting dog breeder, set off in late December after a large snowstorm. The wind had coated the cattail sloughs and corn rows with a thick layer of white.

“After struggling toward what we thought was the edge of the cattails,” says Haglin, “Grant set Kodiak on top of the snow and she quickly went to work.” Kodiak dropped down under the snow. After a minute a rooster exploded out of the snow with Kodiak busting out right behind the bird. Haglin shot the bird, Kodiak made the retrieve, and dropped back down under the snow coursing through the maze of trails under the snow. In quick order, another bird made its way out of the snow with Kodiak right behind. The pup repeated this show at least six times in just a 10-minute time period. Determination, a powerful gait, a friendly disposition: these are just a few typical spaniel traits…