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Field Training for flushing, retrieving, and pointing breeds.

Here is a legacy of four decades of quality gundog training for all breeds. Graduates have included field champions and master hunters, but more importantly, hundreds of lifetime companions that owners have been proud to bring into the field or blind. 

Invest $1,200/month to produce a top quality gun dog. Tuition is all inclusive - boarding, food, exercise, birds, ammo, five field sessions each week, daily obedience lessons.

Have your dog quartering in gun range, trailing cripples, obedient to commands, retrieving to hand, called off missed birds, experienced in both upland and water work.


Gun dog training of all breeds is available. Morgan Haglin is responsible for the training program of each individual dog. He brings out the best from each one.      


If your dog is at Pine Shadows for an extended time, you are encouraged to attend training sessions as often as possible to learn how to best handle your dog.  
Perhaps you and your pup can schedule regular sessions with Morgan, once a week or more often. Yes, there is  "homework" also.


Private sessions with owner and dog or family and dog are popular. Length of training and skill level desired are determined between you, the owner, and Morgan.

Training advice and solutions to problems are always available.   


Pine Shadows also prepares English Springer Spaniels for field trials and hunt tests. Morgan can professionally handle your springer or you can do it yourself with expert training from him. 

Pine Shadows Training DVDs

Train yourself in gun dog handling skills with one of the Pine Shadows videos. A professional educator, Mark Haglin takes you step by step through puppy rearing to field handling.

Take a look at the video series and order one for you and your dog today and make your development faster!

Training DVD-The Making of a Gun Dog

This re-edited video addresses the two key ingredients to producing a great gun dog, Patience and Communication. By studying this you will be able to visualize the training methods used by PINE SHADOWS to produce a top quality gun dog.

Watch Mark and Sophie Haglin as they begin with a puppy less than two months old and progress through its first few months of training. Learn the methods used by Mark to teach quartering, retrieving to hand, steady to flush and basic obedience. 

Training DVD-No Free Time

This is the new Part Two of our popular video training series. The importance of this video is that it covers the critical time frame from 7 weeks to 7 months. The concept of No Free Time is illustrated with a variety of puppies. This will demonstrate to you the things to do with your dog on a daily basis, You will learn to make the wrong things difficult and the right things easy.

You may think you are training him by turning him loose in the backyard but what is he learning? A pup will learn things whether you teach him or he learns them on his own. If you do not teach your put he will learn many things you may not like. So get involved in the upbringing of your puppy and the rewards will be gratifying.

Training DVD-Control Without The Collar

Besides being a dog breeder and trainer for 30+ years, Mark Haglin is also a master teacher. So students, listen up. You will want to watch this fast paced, 25-minute video several times, and be taking notes each time!

Observe over Mark's shoulder as he trains handlers to control their dogs in the field. Each tip is outlined and demonstrated with multiple dogs and handlers.

Whether you own a spaniel or retriever this tape is a must! Learn to train your dog through the eyes and the mind of the dog.



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