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Pet Boarding and Care

Your pet thinks this is the second home. A multi-decade legacy of quality pet care and boarding continues at our kennels in Brainerd, Minnesota. Many of our direct care staff including our groomer have been attending to the needs of your pet for over twenty years. At Pine Shadows all of the apartments (kennel runs) are inside runs wth solid block walls, a solid Dutch door on one end and a wrought iron gate on the other. Each dog has 40 square feet of private living space with a raised sleeping area.

Dog Boarding

Dogs are walked 4 to 6 times a daily and fed the same food as the home feeding schedule. Well lighted, spacious, climate controlled walkways have been designed for the comfort of your dog.
Complete and up to date shot records are musts. The Bordetella (Canine Cough) shot is required for all dogs coming into Pine Shadows. See your veterinarian if you have any questions. In case of an emergency, your veterinarian will be contacted.


The Kitty Condo has 21 condos, each with a sun area. Seven large windows with a southern exposure provide ample naptime sunlight.
Cats receive personal care and feeding with the kind of food you feed at home and on a similar time schedule.
The Kitty Play Room is a glassed in area with a large oak tree to climb on, scratching posts and little nooks and crannies in which to snuggle. 


Pine Shadows'  full time groomer has been working here for over twenty years. The professional attitude and concern for pets are apparent to all who know Dawn.
Each grooming includes shampoo, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and an evaluation of the coat, skin, eyes, ears, and teeth. If a situation is found needing attention, suggestions or a visit to your veterinarian will be recommended. 
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