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Current Sporting Lifestyle News

July 15, 2018

A grand day for the NMESSC Fun Trial with sixty dogs entered in the stakes plus sixteen entries in the kids events!  

Next fun trial is Saturday, July 28th! 

June 23, 2018
A first ever Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever event was held at Pine Shadows recently. The event was to showcase the upland hunting ability of this breed and determine if they could run under the spaniel hunt test rules. Based on the success of this event and the performance of the dogs they should soon be eligible to enter in spaniel hunt tests. Tom Meyer, AKC sporting dog representative, was on hand to observe the performance of the dogs. Look forward to watching these Tollers soon in upcoming spaniel hunt tests throughout the country.

June 20, 2018

Wednesday evening training sessions have begun. All breeds welcome! Open training typically starts around 4:00. Afterwards we gather in the pavilion or inside the training office for a meal or snacks. If you would like to come earlier, check with Morgan 218.829.4736. He is typically training in the mornings, Monday thru Saturday.

June 10, 2018

Despite the damp weather the first NMESSC fun trial of the season attracted truckloads of enthusiasts who entered sixty-five dogs in competition!  Good experiences, good performances, good comraderie, and good times.  

Don’t miss the next one on June 30th. 

May 29, 2018

The first Northern club fun trial will be held at PINE SHADOWS this Saturday, June 2nd. Registration beginning at 8:30 am. We will again be offering a Senior Dog (10 years and older) stake. A full slate of youth activities is planned. Hope to see many of you in attendance as there are events for all ages.

May 9, 2018  

Preserving Your Sporting Traditions.  

Enroll your children/grandchildren in Firearms Safety Class. Morgan is teaching his annual MNDNR class in June. He will meet with his students Monday and Thursday evenings, (June 4,7,11,14,18,21), from 5:30 to 8:30 at the Paul Bunyan Nature Learning Center in Baxter, (the T.I.P. headquarters building). 

Further info and to register call Morgan 218.820.8815. He will teach the class again on Mondays and Thursdays in August (6,9,13,16,20,23).



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