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The PINE SHADOWS Philosophy

Life moves quickly in the 21st Century. It seems everywhere you look technological advancements are improving our way of life. Some things, however, still require that old fashioned touch. Here at Pine Shadows we feel the best way to produce high quality English Springer Spaniels is to do it the way we have been for over forty years, with a lot of hard work, patience and love for the dogs.

We take pride in knowing our dogs, making them a part of our extended family. This allows us to place our pups with specific families to ensure all those involved, both two and four legged, are satisfied. Taking the time to know our customers and our dogs has helped us to successfully place hundreds of dogs into loving, supportive homes over the years. We dont believe in rushing Mother Nature. It takes time to produce dogs with outstanding noses, trainability, retrieving skills, and dynamite personalities. It may take a little longer, but we think its worth the wait.

Inquiries about upcoming Pine Shadows litters are always welcomed. It is our goal to provide you and your family with a top notch hunter and companion. We feel a dogs personality and natural abilities are what make it an excellent hunter and pet. We do require a deposit to secure a pup for your family. The $500 deposit is completely refundable if for any reason a pup from Pine Shadows is not selected.

All our puppies are fully guaranteed (see the PINE SHADOWS Guarantee policy). Pine Shadows pups are all AKC registered with no restrictions.

Choosing a PINE SHADOWS Puppy

The best way for you to find a pup to fit into your lifestyle is to contact us either by phone or a visit to our facility in Brainerd, Minnesota. If you decide you would like to purchase a Pine Shadows puppy, the $500 deposit will be required.

The next step is to let us know what specific requirements you would like to see your puppy to meet. Youll want to refer to our selection criteria. It is best if you can be as specific as possible. For example, you may want a pup who will grow up to be an excellent hunter, with a great deal of power and drive in the field; or you may want a more low key dog to be good in the house and around children but hunts only a few times a year. You will also need to let us know if you desire a male, female, or if you have no preference. Please keep in mind, we cannot produce puppies on demand. Rather, we have to work with what Mother Nature gives us.

After you have placed your deposit, your name will be placed on a waiting list, with all your requirements. The pup reserved for you will be one we feel will fit into your lifestyle the best, the best match for you and your family. Patience, understanding of the dogs, and a love for them on both ends of the arrangement will be the keys to matching you and your pup.

In some cases, you may desire a pup from a particular mother, father or combination, (see Pedigrees). We can hold a pup in one of these situations for you with the same deposit. However, we also want you to keep in mind the kind of lifestyle you have and the personality traits you desire in a pup.


Our dogs are more than pets, they are integral parts of our lives and families. It is extremely important to us that our pups are placed in families who will love and care for them they way we do. For this reason, we like to keep in touch with our puppies after they venture off to new homes. Here at Pine Shadows we encourage you to keep us up to date on the progress of your Springer. We offer personal "technical support". In other words, we invite you to call, e-mail, write or stop by anytime with questions, concerns or just to say hello.

Well keep you in touch after you bring your pup home. We offer full training services throughout your dogs lifetime. Whether you intend to hunt just for fun, intensively, or run field trials or hunt tests, or simply need some work with manners, were here to help.

Several options are available for training your Pine Shadows dog. In-house training involves leaving your dog here, at its second home for anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more. During this time your dog will learn everything from basic obedience skills to more advanced gun dog techniques. We will introduce your dog to the world of live birds, guns, retrieving, and quartering. The dog will learn how to hunt under cover in our six training fields. We also have a pond on the premises to teach your dog how to hunt waterfowl.

We encourage you to come on the weekends or evenings to train alongside our professionals. This will give you a better understanding of the commands used and will give you a feel for handling your dog at home. If you are in the Brainerd area or visit often, you may be able to stop out at your convenience and have a training session with our trainers. You may also leave your dog for a shorter period in the spring or early summer, and bring it back once hunting season approaches for a refresher course.

As with all services at Pine Shadows you may call, e-mail, write or stop in with questions or concerns anytime. We will do the best we can to make every part of your relationship with your dog a successful one.







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