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Upland Bird Camp


Take a Kid Hunting…

How about teaching 50 kids--- 


Annually, since 1991!


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The Bus and 50+ campers & staff arrive at 9 a.m. Mark greets the guests and invites their participation in this day long field experience.


Joannie Peterson of PINE SHADOWS demonstrated the use of the training platform with 14 week old puppies. 

After observing the three years of success with the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association sponsored Forkhorn young hunter education camps, a committee met to plan for a similar camp to expose young people to upland bird hunting. The curriculum would be simple, however very extensive: gun safety, wingshooting, etiquette, tradition, outdoor savvy, game identification, habitat preferences, conservation, sportsmanship, gun dogs, hunt area selection, hunt permission seeking, proper dress, first aid and survival, land stewardship, compass and map reading, game cleaning and preparation, and more.

English Springer Spaniels

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1976 est.

The original committee, which begin in 1990, included a visionary group of hunting enthusiasts, many of whom are still actively  involved in the continued success of this soon to be legacy. From Deep Portage were Mike Naylon and Joan and Lynn Peterson, Pheasants Forever was represented by Jay Johnson, the Ruffed Grouse Society by Mark Johnson, hunting and habitat expertise was represented by Jerry Lamon and Larry Olson of the Cass County Land Department, and Mark Haglin of PINE SHADOWS offered hunting dog knowledge and natural resources education techniques.

Always willing to share his expertise, Steve Krueger offers tips for leading the high house target while at station seven.

JP Martin and his English Springer Spaniel Secret. Indeed, Secret has three days of rounds at the hospital each week, but she is a very accomplished pheasant and goose dog, always looking forward to the Lac Qui Parle and North Dakota hunts. She and JP demonstrate some of her therapy skills.

Pheasants Forever and the Ruffed Grouse Society continue to be the underwriting sponsors of this annual youth camp which has taught from 1991 through 2017 over one thousand young hunters at The Deep Portage Conservation Reserve near Hackensack.


During the first couple years PINE SHADOWS brought its “road show” to Deep Portage for an afternoon of gun dog handling and instruction for the campers.

In 1993 the Upland Bird Camp began its annual field day at the PINE SHADOWS farm. Here campers enjoy a great day of hands on hunting related activities.

Don and Nancy Doll of the RGS Drumming Log Chapter annually prepare the noon lunch for the many volunteers who conduct the field day. Their sandwiches are not “sloppy joes”, rather they are truly Bar-B-Ques! Over the twenty years of this Upland Camp’s service the list of hunting enthusiasts who have volunteered to mentor these young hunters totals over one hundred.





Morgan Haglin, head trainer at PINE SHADOWS, demonstrates the attributes of a pointing breed using Willow Mattox, one of his students from Alabama. 

On the third Thursday of each July a busload of campers arrives at PINE SHADOWS and rotates through learning adventures which include Mark Wheeler’s three centuries of shotguns and Sophie Haglin’s first aid for dogs. JP Martin shows his springer therapy dogs which are on staff at the St. Cloud Hospital. Campers are taught to swing through the targets at the skeet range with each shooting a round.  And the kids are immersed in gun dogs from birth to a year of age by Joannie Peterson and from a year forward with Morgan Haglin and his “students”: springer spaniels, Labradors, pointers, setters, and water spaniels.


Michael Blassey has volunteered each year leading ruffed grouse habitat hikes and shuttling campers to the skeet range.

Joannie explains her early puppy training and imprinting techniques to these campers. The PINE SHADOWS line of springers began in 1976. Sophie Haglin has assisted with the deliveries of every litter over these 35 years. These springers have daily physical contact and interaction with humans from birth. PINE SHADOWS titles this essential procedure Imprinting.


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Every year Mark Wheeler brings an armory of shotguns for the campers to handle and discover their histories.  Some of these firearms are from the 19th century. Have you ever shouldered a three-barreled gun?


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Sophie Haglin of PINE SHADOWS shows campers how to prepare first aid kits for their dogs and tell about some of the upland perils dogs face such as porcupines and skunks!


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Morgan has been helping with the Upland Bird Camp since its beginning. Today he showed a variety of springers at different developmental levels. He also handled dogs in the field and water. Breeds he demonstrated included an American Water Spaniel, Labrador Retrievers, English Springer Spaniels and English Pointers. He was assisted by Mark Rysavy and John Pauly.





America needs more young hunters. What can you do are you doing to insure the future of our wingshooting sports?

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