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Pine Shadows Dozer





Pups due Summer 2018

FC Crosswinds Rolling Thunder (Diesel)

FC Crosswinds Heir to Camelot

NFC Crosswinds Warpaint



Pine Shadows Remy 

FC AFC Pine Shadows Wallace II


Pine Shadows PERTH

Pine Shadows  C-Ya

Apple Creeks Reacher

AFC Flushingwing Tazzmanian Devil

FC AFC Apple Creeks Miss Liberty

Pine Shadows Button

Pine Shadows Higgins

Pine Shadows Wheaties






C-Ya x Dozer litter:  This litter is expected to have liver and white pups with sizes from medium to large dogs. They should be well muscled, stocky dogs with a good body structure with a smooth sleek body contour.  These pups should be very alert, active with an inquisitive personality. Easily trained to do the right thing.

C-Ya is a liver and white female with a great deal of liver color. She weighs about 35 pounds. She is a solid well-proportioned female with a strong sleek body structure.  She is a smaller female with powerful drive in the field. She is easy to control in the field; hunts close and retrieves well to hand.  She is an intelligent dog, figuring out the training process and the drills very quickly. She is alert and very easy to be around in the house and the field.

Dozer is a 45 pound athletic liver and white male.  He is a well-structured male with a fluid body motion.  He has a strong nose, affectionate eyes and a very pleasing personality.  He is very easy to control in the field, hunts hard, excellent retriever but shuts things down when walking back from a hunt or just being around people, in the house or when around children.  He has hunted extensively with us at Daybreak and also has run in some field trials



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