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Sire: Copper



Dansmirth’s TOMMY                         



Dam: Bella


Pine Shadows Higgins






CSC Copper


Pine Shadows Q 






FC AFC Pine Shadows Wallace II





Pine Shadows Wheaties




Due Spring 2017



Pine Shadows Spear






Pine Shadows Pride





Pine Shadows Toast





Pine Shadows Bella


Pine Shadows Hawkeye






Magus Merlini





Pine Shadows Lacy







Lacey Glenn



Bella x Copper litter:  This litter is expected to have liver and white pups with sizes from medium to large dogs. They should be well muscled, stocky dogs with a good body structure. The attributes of an easy personality and manners from Copper and the drive and intelligence of Bella should produce biddable dogs with a solid body structure with strong noses.

Bella  is a liver and white female. She weighs about 35 pounds. She is a solid well-proportioned female with a strong body structure.  She is a smaller female with powerful drive in the field. She is powerful and active in the field yet easy to control. She  hunts close and retrieves well to hand.  She is an intelligent dog, figuring out the training process and the drills very quickly. She is alert and very easy to be around in the house and the field.

Copper is a liver and white male with a stocky, well-proportioned body structure built more square throughout his shoulders and back. He is an alert dog, likes to retrieve, hunts hard in the field and relaxes in and around the house. He has a good nose, attentive, pays attention to the handler while hunting and good going through cover. He has an excellent personality with household demeanor and being a good citizen.

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