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Pine Shadows Dozer


FC Crosswinds Rolling Thunder (Diesel)

  FC Crosswinds Heir to Camelot

NFC Crosswinds Warpaint


Pine Shadows Remy

FC AFC Pine Shadows Wallace

Pine Shadows PERTH

Pups Due Summer 2017


Pine Shadows BC T

Pine Shadows P-T  Chase

Dansmirth’s Tomahawk

Pine Shadows Pilot


Pine Shadows Butter

Pine Shadows Toast


Cleo  Gangl





BC T x Dozer litter:  This litter will be all liver  and white pups with sizes from medium to large dogs. They should be well muscled, stocky dogs with a well proportioned body structure. The attributes of drive in the field and an easy personality and manners from Dozer and the drive and muscle of both Dozer and T should produce biddable dogs with a solid body structure with strong noses and a natural retrieve to hand. These pups should have a mild temperament with an on/off switch with their personality.

BC T Is a medium sized, slightly taller female, liver and white and medium slender body structure. She is a good retriever, a strong dog in heavy cover, has a very good nose for finding birds and delivers to hand presenting the bird. She trained up quickly, learned her role in the field and in the house and is a very outgoing friendly springer.

Dozer: Dozer is a 45 pound athletic, liver and white male.  He is a well-structured male with a fluid body motion.  He has a strong nose, affectionate eyes and a very pleasing personality.  He is very easy to control in the field, hunts hard, excellent retriever but shuts things down when walking back from a hunt or just being around people, in the house or when around children.  He has hunted extensively with us at Daybreak and also has run in some field trials

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