We want you to be safe in all aspects of your visit at Daybreak . Be cautious going in and out of vehicles, watch where you step for gopher holes and rocks, and pace your physical exercise. Very importantly, we will practice extremely safe handling of shotguns throughout your hunt.††

Guns will be loaded only while you are on the ground, in the field. The action of the gun will be purposely locked open or broke open all other times. If you have an autoloader that does not lock open, please wedge a shotshell into it.

To protect your fellow hunters and the dogs, guns will be pointed up and shots will be taken up only. No ground shooting allowed.

Please be on your very best behavior with the guns. Donít be hesitant to ask someone to be a little more careful, and donít be embarrassed if one of your partners or huntsmen asks you to be a little more cautious.



Fall Pheasant Hunting, the way it ought to be.


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