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Happenings Winter 2010-11

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The snow has settled in on Daybreak. The drifts are quite high along the roads and the driveway. We keep things plowed out with the Bobcat and the snow blower.  We are seeing many birds in the open bean fields, pheasants, sharptail, and turkeys. They are scratching around for food and grit and seem to be doing well. Even though the snow is plentiful, the birds are still finding food and of course there is plenty of cover for them to roost and stay away from predators.



We have been seeing many deer as well. Although the deep snow is hampering their ability to get around with ease. So far all are in good shape but as the winter goes on and if we get more snow it will be tougher on them.  They are also out and about in the bean fields and eating the bushes as high up as they can reach. Fortunately with the Elm River bottom there is plenty of cover for them to get out of the winter harsh winds and blowing snow.

Winter hunters included the annual reunion of the Hall brothers. The brothers come from literally the four corners of the country each December for a hunt with Pine Shadows. Here is Rich with his springer, Boston.



Six women executives involved in marketing and communications for the hunting industry experienced some fine pheasant hunting guided by Morgan, brother Travis and Joannie. Everyone tried out the latest in Benelli shotguns as we sampled a dozen different guns both on the trap range and in the field. Some of the participants blogged about their adventure. Deerfly Diaries Pheasant Blog

Longtime friends of hunting with us, Truck Country enjoyed three visits this fall. Besides kicking up lots of birds, we found a couple skunks and successfully used our effective peroxide antidote: a couple bottles of peroxide, scoop of baking soda, and a good squirt of Dawn dish detergent. Make a paste and rub over the dog while wearing rubber gloves. Rinse. Remember.


Fall Pheasant Hunting, the way it ought to be.


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