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Happenings Summer 2011

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June 7: The pheasants are nesting and will be hatching any day now. I was out there this past Sunday and Monday planting some food plots and checking the crops. There are many duck nests around and I was seeing many rooster pheasants which indicates the hens are sitting tightly on their nests. The ponds are full of water and waterfowl. We are beginning to see some ducklings. Several Canada geese pairs are on the property.


July Ė The water remains high in most places. Ducks are everywhere. Food plots and crops looking good. Here is the big hillside food plot to the north of the Katy house. Grasses are growing taller this summer also.Itís so amazing to see the how well the little pheasants fly. We are startled by the exploding coveys of feather balls each about the size of a childís fist.

One of our new food plots south of the Hudson House parallels a long draw down to the river. Notice the rich color in the spring wheat. If you look real close you can see the white wind farm towers on the ridge in the distance.




appreciate these improvements also. reallydlo\ng grass fields and the CRP areasparticipated in the the big hillside food plot tWe have pulled a number of interior fences in the grass fields and the CRP areas. This will eliminate a lot of fence straddling we had been doing. The dogs will really appreciate these improvements also.


Mid August- Wheat harvest has begun. Six combines are gleaning the north fields.



Fall Pheasant Hunting, the way it ought to be.


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