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The very wet spring inhibited some of the grain planting. A few small fields of corn were planted along quite a bit of beans, but several fields were left fallow as they were simply too wet to prepare.

But the waterfowl made the best of it in the established marshes and the many vernal ponds. We have seen hundreds of ducklings - mallards, woodies, teal, shoveler and pintail - throughout the farm. In addition, several pairs of Canada geese nested here again.

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In the early summer we performed broadleaf control in the grass strips within the treeline plantings and CRP. DAYBREAK has nearly 14 miles of habitat treelines planted with trees and shrubs such as Russian olive, dogwood, plum, wild rose, cedar and willow.

We also worked with the state ag department and DNR on biological control of leafy spurge. With nets we gathered the natural enemy of this plant, the flea beetle, and released the catch in various stands of spurge around the farm.


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Mark has recently finished planting seasonal food plots throughout the farm, ranging in size from to 10 acres. These plots are magnets to wildlife in the fall and winter. They make good hunting spots in the fall also. We are seeing lots of pheasant broods and a few sharptail.


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Fall Pheasant Hunting, the way it ought to be.


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