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Pine Shadows, Inc
14752 Three Mile Rd
Brainerd, MN 56401

Mark and Sophie Haglin





Mark and Sophie Haglin established Pine Shadows Kennels in 1976 on a 180-acre dairy farm in Oak Lawn Township east of Brainerd. The original kennel had four outdoor runs, the 10-foot-by-12-foot compartments dogs live in.

Eight more runs, a maternity pen and office were added in 1980. A third expansion in 1990 resulted in a 7,200-square foot kennel and office.

Today the entire 180 acres are devoted to dog training with natural grass fields, cattail sloughs, grouse woods and other types of habitat hunting dogs find afield.




English Springer Spaniels

Professional Handling

Gun Dog Training

Quality Pet Care

Pheasant Hunts

Field Trials

1976 est.


Mark and Sophie have backgrounds in Agriculture, Animal Science, and Education with degrees from the University of Minnesota. In addition they continue to study Genetics at New York’s Cornell University.

Since 1976, their philosophy has been to produce the best quality gun dogs for the field and home. "Our goal," observes Haglin, "is to produce a dog that has an on/off switch. Take him into the field and he's ready to hunt. Bring him in the house or kennel and he's ready to kick back, lie around and watch TV."

“We have developed, along with our three sons, Travis, Grant and Morgan, and our dedicated employees, our ORVIS Endorsed English Springer Spaniel kennel, Pine Shadows, in Brainerd, Minnesota,” says Mark. “We are an active family with our springers hunting everything from grouse and woodcock in Northern Minnesota, pheasants in South Dakota and waterfowl in the prairie pothole regions of North and South Dakota.  All of our dogs are hunted and that gives us plenty of real experience to evaluate our dogs.”   

Mark and Sophie invite you to visit their Pine Shadows Farm and see the dogs in action.


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