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From the Brainerd Daily Dispatch, Saturday, September 18, 2004

Training the dog trainer


Outdoors Editor


As a boy his life appeared to be going to the dogs, but Morgan Haglin's parents did nothing to stop it. Rather, Mark and Sophie Haglin hoped it would happen.

The Haglins started Pine Shadows Kennels in 1976. Like most people who operate a family business, they want one day to turn the business over to one of their children. But the Haglin's first two boys, Travis and Grant, went on to other pursuits. Then came Morgan, who, as can be seen in the photo on this page taken when ye was a youngster, always loved dogs. That interest hasn't waned. Today he's helped train more than 200 dogs and is on course to one day become owner-operator of Pine Shadows Kennels.

Like his brothers, Morgan grew up helping around the kennel, which specializes in Springer spaniels. He cleaned pens, helped with dog training and learned to shoot when he was 6. As a boy he was given a dog to call his own and named him Roper. He loved the pup, but one day came home from school to find his parents had sold it.

An early lesson in dog breeding was learned: don't get too attached to any one dog.

Like his brothers, Morgan was given freedom to find his own calling. While in high school he worked at the Garrison Animal Hospital and thought about becoming a veterinarian. At the University of Minnesota he majored in animal science, but after four years of city life he realized his heart was in the north country.

"That was a turning point," Morgan recalls. "I knew I wanted to train hunting dogs."

Morgan wonders if he would have become a dog trainer if he hadn't grown up around a kennel.

"I talked to a guy this summer who's a financial adviser," Morgan said. "He invests money for people who win the lottery. He told me, 'I didn't know there was a job like this out there.' That got me thinking. How would I have known there was a job like this out there?"


Pine Shadows' many satisfied customers attest to Morgan's skill as a dog handler and trainer.

"It's a summer process, a two-year process," Morgan said of training a pup. "To get it to quarter back and forth, flush a bird, sit down, watch it fly away, hold a mark, leave on command to get that mark -- that might take two-and-a-half years. Then to get the dog to stop out there and go left and right on a hand signal, that might take three or four years."

Two weeks are needed for Morgan to determine how much he can get from a dog. But dog owners often aren't that patient.

"One guy brought his dog here and said he could leave it for just a week," Morgan said. "In that one week he wanted me to introduce it to birds, work on pointing, get it used to a gun and range control.

"Well, the first day it got to know me and that was all we accomplished. The second day we had a couple of birds and he liked that, but wasn't interested in pointing. By the third day he could hold a point. On the fourth day we started shooting around him, which is a bit quick. But that's all the time we had."


In addition to training at Pine Shadows, Morgan also takes dogs to field trials each year. But come fall the kennel and a field trials take second place to hunting.

"You can't really train during hunting season," Morgan said. "You gotta hunt. That's what's nice about this. I can go hunting when I want to."

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