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Pine Shadows Daybreak

Latitude 45.77N Longitude 98.63W

For nearly thirty years Pine Shadows has been proving its English Springer Spaniels while guiding hunts in the Midwest prairie pothole region. Beginning the fall of 2010, Pine Shadows presented Daybreak, its own signature hunting estate. Daybreak  's eleven square miles of Dakota Prairie is traversed by seven and a half miles of the historic Elm River, an expanse offering perhaps the finest pheasant hunting terrain in North America. You and your sporting friends are invited to Meet at Daybreak. 

Become your part of the history of this expanse where many eons ago dinosaurs hunted, American Indians had winter villages beside the river for centuries, the Hudson Bay Company located their southernmost agency in the early nineteenth century, the ruins remain of several homesteading families who worked the land, and the very place where the Chinese Ring-necked Pheasant was first introduced in South Dakota over a hundred years ago.

Each of your Daybreak hunting trips will be led by the veteran Pine Shadows huntsmen and their English springer spaniels. The springers will find, flush and retrieve birds for you while the knowledge, skills, and friendliness of your guides will ensure a safe and productive day of wingshooting. You are most welcome to bring your well-behaved hunting dog along also.

 As an all-inclusive lodge Daybreak provides ample fare which is created daily by our on-site Executive Chef Rachel Hogan. In her seventh season here Hogan, who trained at the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Denver, is not only a talented chef; she has grown up in the sporting tradition of bird dogs. Rachel is an upland sporting enthusiast as an owner/operator of two English Springer Spaniels, TUCKER and HENRY. Rachel both hunts and field trials her springers.

Rachel is quite popular beyond Pine Shadows Daybreak. She had her story and her recipe for Elk Sliders published in the Summer 2014 USA Today Hunt&Fish magazine. In 2015 she was in Hollywood competing on Food Network  chef competition series, Guys Grocery Games. Rachel placed second!

FALL PHEASANT HUNTING, The Way it Ought to be!

Call or Email Mark Haglin at 218.821-1295 to find a place on the fall calendar. You can be chasing pheasants from September until Christmas here at Daybreak.



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